Whatcha looking at, bub?

I'd know that stink anywhere...

10/22/19 10:56 am - [info]rhetorique posting in [info]pbads

[info]sunset i'd love some siblings for him. they'd be originally from new york and fairly well off, otherwise completely open.

10/22/19 04:15 am - [info]cookiedough posting in [info]pbads

[info]sunset while i enjoy heaven with these banana candy blox, bring me jason momoa for a thing, maisie williams, peter dinklage, ryan reynolds for ~paint, henry golding, nicholas hoult for ~massive, jai coutrney, kit harington, richard madden for something, nicholaj coster-wadau, lana condor for everyone, woody harrelson, scarlett johansson for a femme line, donald glover, jude law, her 28 year old brother (comes with family ig), the partner that kind of ghosted her after helping open her bakery, anyone and everyone

10/22/19 03:14 am - [info]cramps posting in [info]pbads

awful timing but i'm hoping some other night owls can help me! looking to join [info]sunset with an indie scream queen, but i'm undecided on a face so what ladies are wanted around? and of course i'd love lines as well!

10/22/19 01:51 am - [info]bunin posting in [info]pbads

revamp at 95% so i'd love a chill psl, platonic maybe with some eventual organic romantic energy if it goes that way

10/22/19 01:20 am - [info]abuelita posting in [info]pbads

would alexa demie be wanted anywhere? open to psls too!

10/21/19 10:10 pm - [info]eleano posting in [info]pbads

[info]prophets stuff and things for this werewolf. she's currently a blank slate and i would love to fill any lines if possible.

10/21/19 09:31 pm - [info]catelin posting in [info]pbads

[info]coastline fun people for fun things

10/22/19 12:26 am - [info]stasis posting in [info]pbads

hey, [info]skylines. can i get some lines and face suggestions for the winter soldier?

10/21/19 11:25 pm - [info]samanco posting in [info]pbads

[info]sunset more lines for this twitch streamer/call center worker, her twin brother, two older brothers, another roommate in their insidious house, past roommates, friends she's known forever, buddies from college, the rest of (g)i-dle, all the things

10/21/19 11:19 pm - [info]vid posting in [info]pbads

[info]sunset i'll ask for a wonho or shownu until i can't asks no more. also, more gamer friends please. maybe might be interested in nabbing a roommate for him since he gets lonely and he doesn't think he's responsible enough to get a pet. tinder matches. someone to do halloween costumey things with but nothing too scary because he's kind of a baby but he still enjoys the whole vibe of the non-horror side of halloween. speaking of which are there any halloween parties happening or did i miss them being mentioned?

10/21/19 10:44 pm - [info]paint posting in [info]pbads

[info]sunset ryan reynolds, angelina jolie, tatiana maslany, rihanna, tom sturridge, zachary levi, ~massacre or a younger sibling(s) for this guy, and more lines with every one new and old

10/21/19 10:46 pm - [info]sour posting in [info]pbads

[info]sunset new face, old marina - would any of her old lines be interested/can i get some new ones?

10/21/19 07:21 pm - [info]vermouth posting in [info]pbads

[info]sunset looking for lines for this gently worn but still mostly optimistic voice actor who is also the older brother to [info]twisted and [info]macbeth. i would love someone for a complicated separation/divorce line. other voice actors would be great, video game enthusiasts, his equally competitive squash partner, etc etc. let's come up with some fun stuff, i know we can do it

10/21/19 07:25 pm - [info]platapie posting in [info]pbads

[info]sunset I'm still here! please give this jamie bell faced bar owner some love. I need all the lines to make up for the shit week I've have. friends, exes, friends with benefits, flings, a roommate or two, people who work in his bar. an ex from high school..what ever you wanna throw my way!

10/21/19 09:14 pm - [info]desolate posting in [info]pbads

[info]exosolar anya taylor-joy or jacob anderson as a peacekeeper android for buddy cop shenanigans. rami malek or diego luna as a childhood friend who made it out of the slums. more t-sec and peacekeepers in general.

10/21/19 09:16 pm - [info]gasolina posting in [info]pbads

[info]sunset lines for this mechanic/uber and former soldier? wire friends? customs? anything to bring him out of his shell.

10/21/19 09:08 pm - [info]olv posting in [info]pbads

[info]rebelriders lost my other post but lines for the prez's oldest son? i'd love: a brother or two, his sponsor, close friends, a fling after he was released earlier this year, lines with everyone!

10/21/19 10:00 pm - [info]rianmad posting in [info]pbads

[info]newamsterdam a 30+ lady for a best friend to this one, and sister to ~cwf and ~fulbright please. also jon bernthal as her brother.

10/21/19 09:57 pm - [info]icecone posting in [info]pbads

[info]sunset please bring me these three witches

10/21/19 08:32 pm - [info]knobcreek posting in [info]pbads

[info]sunset all the lines for the dad of [info]boast and [info]overlook. i'd love to get a house keeper for him if anyone's interested in that? they could rent the guest house from him, or rather make it a trade off, free rent, be his house keeper? i'm open, lets brainstorm.

10/21/19 09:28 pm - [info]soomina posting in [info]pbads

[info]coastline could really use more friends, the family that adopted her, dancers to take her classes, people to dance with in general (a dancing duo would be fun), bandmates, med students, students in general for a study group, a mentor type, childhood friends, a big brother, coffee friends, spooky lovers, anyone who wants lots of affection and adventure. coming up on my sixth month anniversary here! i can't believe it's been that long.

10/21/19 08:20 pm - [info]whirlybird posting in [info]pbads

Okay, [info]sunset, hit me with your best shot. she's a youtuber, mid 20s, needs everything. half-siblings (lots of details, blank slates are best), friends, exes, people for her to talk about succession with, people open to poly, anything and everything.

10/21/19 08:50 pm - [info]maiye posting in [info]pbads

[info]recognize the actress or musician she was secretly seeing, pr exes, people she's worked with in the past, a few enemies for some fun, current or past friends, someone she's fought with on social media during her reputation era, fellow cat lovers and the credits of ed sheeran, charli xcx, camila cabello, john mayer, katy perry, selena gomez

10/21/19 08:43 pm - [info]smols posting in [info]pbads

[info]sunset more lines, please! childhood friends, friends in generals, dancers for a dance crew, rappers for a thing, music lovers, wanderlusters, adventure seekers for an idea for next month, animal lovers, zoo employees, a photographer for a thing, fellow vegans. the rest of bts, especially namjoon, itzy, exo, monsta x, ikon, twice, everglow, bae suzy, nana, sunmi. family! (older and younger sisters, cousins. comes with detailed information).

10/21/19 08:18 pm - [info]aman posting in [info]pbads

[info]skylines more saga folks, especially alana, gwendolyn, prince robot iv, & the will! pbs of gemma chan, awkwafina, anna kendrick, blake lively, chris pang & remy hii as any cv, just bring their beautiful faces, please!

10/21/19 08:06 pm - [info]prophetize posting in [info]pbads

[info]skylines can i get brian braddock, dazzler, fantomex, deadpool, and gambit. looking for her twin brother, a complicated ex of some sort, more coworkers and friends. asgardians and avengers since we need more of those, more dark horse characters

10/21/19 07:00 pm - [info]vids posting in [info]pbads

[info]exosolar would lucy liu, angelina jolie, rachel weisz, or someone similar (40+) be wanted for lines?

10/21/19 07:06 pm - [info]nicollete posting in [info]pbads

[info]rebelriders thinking about bringing a sweet in, lines plz, who needs employees? i'd love to find some close friends, the patch that let her hitch a ride from sturgis, the club member she was a housemouse for before she switched things up, frenemies, fellow stoners to bond with. sabrina carpenter, dove cameron, stephen james, michael b jordan, and g-eazy for specifics.

10/21/19 08:05 pm - [info]yabos posting in [info]pbads

[info]sunset nicholas hamilton with or without the mullet for something dark and fun, anyone who's bought a taxidermy piece or something on the cuter side if dead animals aren't your thing, an ALMOST step sibling (his mom dated their dad), an ex m or f, new friends to spam, anything and everything! if you have a crazy idea you want to explore/write, hmu here on my screen posted!

10/21/19 01:47 pm - [info]henri posting in [info]pbads

[info]coastline while i start to throw this guy together. he's a cousin of glover~ of which i hear there's a few floating around? anyone need a co-worker? exes (m) in any capacity from one night stand, random/tinder hook up, long term, etc. a womb to tomb. late night owls. basically everything

10/21/19 06:32 pm - [info]galaxyshine posting in [info]pbads

Looking for PSLs! I want to be excited about writing again! I write males and females, het only for now. See journal here for PBs I love and storyline ideas - I'm open to others too! Let's plot.

10/21/19 07:23 pm - [info]overlook posting in [info]pbads

[info]sunset Whatever you got

10/21/19 07:16 pm - [info]mayhem posting in [info]pbads

[info]skylines marauders, baddies, the original x-class, the rest of the grey-summers clan!

10/21/19 04:09 pm - [info]pin posting in [info]pbads

[info]exosolar a long shot of all long shots but iain glen please, christian bale, alycia debnam-carey, emilia clarke, anna diop, chelsea zhang, liam hemsworth, john boyega

10/21/19 07:06 pm - [info]obam posting in [info]pbads

Could I please find something het for him? I’m totally open to ideas and who I play against either a celeb or a pb, I really really just want to write! Happy to do journals or apps, feel free to add my wire @barackandrolla or comment my screened post, I’d just love the opportunity to write! No flakes please!

10/21/19 03:48 pm - [info]froppy posting in [info]pbads

[info]sunset more nerdy friends and fellow creators, more cosplayers, maybe something flirty to perk her up, the american step family for her ~reddits and ~dabi (comes with details). the rest of bts, ateez, monsta x, nct, exo, itzy, bp, etc etc etc as well as all idol credits especially super m for ~reddits

10/21/19 06:51 pm - [info]caine posting in [info]pbads

Home or PSL for Ansel Elgort, Froy Gutierrez, Darren Criss, KJ Apa, Niall Horan or Dan Levy please?

10/21/19 06:37 pm - [info]uamod posting in [info]rpgads


UA- A Canon and original character Umbrella Academy game

On the twelfth hour of the first day of October, 1989, forty three women around the world gave birth. This was unusual only in the fact that none of these women had been pregnant when the day first began.


10/21/19 06:37 pm - [info]uamod posting in [info]darkersls


UA- A Canon and original character Umbrella Academy game

On the twelfth hour of the first day of October, 1989, forty three women around the world gave birth. This was unusual only in the fact that none of these women had been pregnant when the day first began.


10/21/19 06:16 pm - [info]rebelbell posting in [info]darkersls

Looking for dark het lines, one-offs, and all sorts of things. I love supernatural scenes. I have a list of preferred faces and the like on the journal. Open to other faces, too. Comments screened.
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